Adult Redeploy Illinois Reports and Publications
Annual Reports

Per its enabling legislation, the Crime Reduction Act (Public Act 96-0761), Adult Redeploy Illinois must submit annually to the Governor and General Assembly a report on its implementation and projected impact.

Dashboard Reports

ARI maintains a one-page program “dashboard” highlighting key indicators on the projected impact of the program as it develops. The dashboard is updated periodically for ARIOB and other stakeholders.

Evaluation Reports

The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority’s Research & Analysis Unit conducted a series of process evaluations of ARI and its sites over the pilot phase January 2011 through June 2012. These evaluations were intended to assess how well the programs were initially implemented according to plan and share best practices and lessons learned with current and future sites.

Logic Model Reports

A logic model developed for the program in 2012 guides the overall direction of the program and has been a helpful tool in the strategic planning process.

Fact Sheet